Link Associates is primarily Medicaid funded through contracts with the state approved Managed Care Organizations (MCO).

Additionally Link is funded in part by Polk County Health Services.  


The Iowa Department of Human Services has moved service reimbursements to a tiered rate methodology..Tiered reimbursement rates provide funding for services to members based on the severity of the member’s needs.  Reimbursement is higher for members with more severe needs as documented by a valid, reliable assessment.  Reimbursement is lower for members who present relatively less severe needs.  

An member’s tier is assigned based upon the results of the member’s Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) assessment related to home living skills, community living activities, health and safety activities, social activities, and the identification of exceptional medical and behavioral support needs. 

All tiered reimbursement rates will be the same regardless of the member’s other supports and services except for Daily SCL. Daily SCL will have two sets of rates depending on whether or not the member is receiving “day services” outside of the Daily SCL setting.  Daily SCL tiered reimbursement rates will be higher to serve members that are not receiving day services and lower for those who are receiving day services.   

To see the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Intellectual Disability (ID) Waiver Tiered Rate Fee Schedule, click on the link below:

Tiered Rates




Transportation Waiver

Group Transportation (Per Trip) - $19.44


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Individual Per Trip - $29.19
Individual Wheelchair Accessible Per Trip - $32.18
Individual Per Mile Trip - Range ($18.98 - $95.66) for 0-45 miles
Individual Wheelchair Accessible Per Mile Trip - range ($28.67 - $116.18) for 0-45 miles
Individual Per Mile trip over 45 Miles - $2.11
Individual Wheelchair Accessible Per Mile Trip over 45 miles - $2.49