As Executive Director, I help guide our staff to focus on the mission of Link Associates. Working closely with the staff and Board of Directors, we consistently strive to be the recognized leader in providing quality services to persons with mental disabilities. 

One of Link Associates greatest strengths is the quality and longevity of the management team. It is an honor to work with such talented professionals. As a team we look at the measurable outcomes, but more importantly we are equally proud of the intangible measures of what we achieve. These measures are seen in the smiles, in the visible trust and in the obvious joy that anyone can see between our staff and the individuals they interact with. As we look at those measures, we have enormous pride in our dedicated staff and members of the Board who have helped achieve them. We cannot write a measurable standard to show the trust the individuals and their families have in the staff they work with daily. We cannot write an outcome that measures the quality of the interaction between staff and consumers that goes above and beyond the requirements of their job.

Link Associates is structured in such a way to manage and assure success. The Table of Organization is designed to outline each level of responsibility and accountability within the organization, up to the Executive Director who answers to the members of the Board of Directors. These volunteer Board members assist the Executive Director in guiding the organization by sharing their time and talents on committees focused on Personnel, Finance, Executive, Programs, Nomination and Audit.

Our goal is always be to provide the highest quality services designed for each individual's personal needs, but our successes reach much deeper than that. When you are at Link you cannot miss the laughter, happiness and the caring that openly exists between the consumers and the staff. One should expect a program like Link Associates to have a strong success rate of truly supporting people as they reach for their dreams. The assumption may be that it is our staff assisting consumers to reach their dreams, but in reality it is the consumers who have helped all of us reach our full potential.