The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (CARF) accredits Link's day programs. There are two programs for consumers to participate in.


Day Habilitation Program:

Day Habilitation Services assists individuals in developing and maintaining life skills and community involvement. Activities enhance each individual’s intellectual functioning, physical and emotional health. Skills focused on include but are not limited to: communication, social development, daily living activities and mobility. These individualized programs offer participants the opportunity to pursue a variety of activities individually or within small groups. They are designed to stimulate, to enrich and to promote independence. Our holistic approach works with all aspects of an individual, bringing together work, family, friends and community to ensure a rewarding experience. This service is provided directly from Link Associates.



Volunteer Investment Program (VIP):

This program is designed to further develop the strengths and interests of those who enjoy engaging with and helping others in the community. The program offers individuals the opportunity to share their natural talents, abilities, and spirit while enhancing social, soft, and task skills needed to be successful volunteers. Through partnerships with a variety of service and or non-profit organizations such as shelters, health care facilities, nursing homes, food pantries, and more, participants will experience the benefits of giving back, connecting to, and being valued by the community at large. This service is provided directly from Link Associates.


  • Examples of Volunteer Locations: Meals from the Heartland, WDM Library, Norwalk Fire Department, YESS, Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, Science Center of Iowa, Ronald McDonald House, Salvation Army, Bidwell, Wesley Woods Equestrian Center, Children’s Cancer Connection, Pet Project and WDM Human Services.

Our admission criteria includes:


• Dependent adult age 18 years or older

• Ability to tolerate a three to six hour program day and be willing to participate/benefit from services

• The consumer may not require a level of care greater than the service is able to provide

• The consumer must have a primary diagnosis of intellectual, developmental and/or physical disability

• Must be eligible for Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) ID Waiver Services (Medicaid Funding), Iowa Total Care, Amerigroup, 100% County funded or Private Pay