Steve Schmidt, President, North Risk Partners

Rick Mumm, Bankers Trust, 1st Vice President

Matt Banzhaf, Principal Securities, 2nd Vice President

Pat Martin, Secretary, Retired Alhers & Cooney

Ron Hanson, Treasurer, Ruan Corporation

Nick Pellegrin, Immediate Past President, Alhers & Cooney


  • Amy Bethel, Unity Point

  • Scott Brennan, Davis Brown Law Firm 

  • Amber Brown, Athene

  • Jeff Claeys, The Weitz Company

  • Tony Dahm, Coca-Cola

  • Russell Jensen, Jensen Consulting

  • Tammy Kerrigan, Risk Reductions Solutions

  • Dr. Laura Meyers, McFarland Clinic

  • Jim O’Donnell, Retired Des Moines Police and Airport Security

  • Natasha Rogers, Wells Fargo

  • Tony Steverson, Retired Des Moines Police Department

  • Denny Warren, Retired Elementary School Principal




Board Member Access

The Board of Directors of Link Associates is made up of community leaders from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, all sharing a passion for the individuals we serve. Each member volunteers their time and talents by serving on a committee of interest or specialty including Personnel, Finance, Executive, Program and Building and Grounds.  

The stakeholders of Link Associates recognize how fortunate we are to have an extremely dedicated Board of Directors.  Each of our board members brings a set of unique talents and individual skills. Along with staff, they form a comprehensive umbrella of oversight and leadership.  

 One typically considers governance as the Board's activities to oversee the purpose, policies and supervision of the Executive Director, ensuring sufficient resources, ensuring compliance to rules and regulations and the representation of the organization to external stakeholders.  Their dedication to those we serve and their families and our agency helps keep us in the forefront of service providers.  

It is the policy of Link Associates that the Board of Directors, in unison with the Executive Director and staff hold the agency accountable to the organizational vision, purpose, values, mission and code of ethics. It is the intent of the Board of Directors that Link Associates operates within the highest moral, ethical and business standards for conduct and service in the community we serve.


Board of Directors

Steve Schmidt    President of the Board

Steve Schmidt

President of the Board